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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
06-Oct-03 - 12:04 PM
Thread Name: Are there any OLD folkies out there?
Subject: RE: Are there any OLD folkies out there?
Perhaps it's an England thing. My feeling is that setting up things specifically "for young musicians" and so forth, which does seem to be increasingly seen as the thing to do, is something that older organisers are responsible for, rather than necessarily responding to a demand from young people.

I think I'd find it a bit patronising and I believe I'd have tended to avoid that kind of thing and hang in with the oldies when I was in the targetted age group, which wasn't targetted in my time of course, because we didn't have the oldies much in evidence.

Mind, sometimes maybe it's that the young ones reckon they are so much better at playing the music (and a lot of the time that's only too true, technically anyway) they don't want to hang around with us.

But one of my favourite quotations is Michael Collins, when he said ""I am much more at ease in the company of old people in the dark than I am with young people in the light." And I like to think that's how I'd have seen it even then.