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Posted By: the lemonade lady
07-Oct-03 - 07:24 AM
Thread Name: Anything else going on in Shropshire?
Subject: RE: Anything else going on in Shropshire?
I posted this earlier...'The once a month session at the 6 Bells isn't what it used to be, as with quite a few around here.    A week night or Sunday night, when Keith isn't cooking, might be a solution. The Friday night used to be popular because most people didn't have to go to work the next day. I don't know why it isn't anymore. I'll run it during the week if no one else wants to do it. Which night, when? Any ideas?'

And this is an E mail I have received...
Sunday Folk Night at The Six Bells, Bishop's Castle

Hi Folks!

As you may have heard, Chris Vowles has decided not to continue running
the Friday Folk Night at The Six Bells.

Most of you will know the problems caused on Friday nights by the number
of diners in the room and the less than sympathetic attitude of the C..
C.. C.. Caterer running the kitchen franchise.

Nev the landlord is sympathetic and wants the Folk Night to continue but
he will not intervene to sort out the Friday night problem.

So a small number of us have agreed to restart the Folk Night but we
have decided to move it from the last Friday to the SECOND SUNDAY in the

We realise that Sunday nights are not ideal for everybody but it does
have the major benefit of being FOOD FREE (with the exception of crisps,
and Pringles etc) as the C.. C.. C.. Caterer does not open the kitchen
on Sunday nights.

The first date for the new Sunday night will be this coming Sunday i.e.
the 12th at approx eight o clock - please make a note in your diary.

Please come along and support your local pub or, if it's not your local,
please come along and support MY local pub.

For Info call : Ian - 01588 638375   or JP - 01588 630015

So there you are then!