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Posted By: Art Thieme
07-Oct-03 - 10:49 AM
Thread Name: Are there any OLD folkies out there?
Subject: RE: Are there any OLD folkies out there?
THIS is bigger than just our folkie music scene !!! Indeed, it is reflected in the patterns that have developed among NATIONS and the ethnic and religious and racial and tribal schisms within nations. ALSO, it can be seen as directly attributable to the void and implosion caused by the demise of the Soviet Union.

PLEASE, read the book I am now half into. I found it for .25 in the books my local library is selling off after a certain amount of time without anybody having read it. The author is ARTHUR SCHLESINGER. The title of the volume is THE DISUNITING OF AMERICA---REFLECTIONS ON A MULTICULTURAL SOCIETY (W.W. Norton & Company--New York-London - 1992)

I am finding it to be a truly brilliant book that I had completely overlooked. AND it's insights can be easily extrapolated to the divisions you see in the folk scene----or in Bosnia, or Ireland- or Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Somalia, Niger, Korea---just about anywhere that has erupted in long-held tribal and ethnic festering sores that NO LONGER HAVE THE IDEALOGICAL BUFFER OF COMMUNISM AND CAPITALISM to inhibit their rampant expression all over the globe.

Art Thieme