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Posted By: Ferrara
12-Oct-03 - 02:36 PM
Thread Name: Tech: MINI DISK + MIC.
Subject: RE: Tech: MINI DISK + MIC.
Here are some anecdotes & observations to add to what's on the above threads. We have a new Sony MZ NF-810(CK) and also a used Sharp 702. The CK option isn't available in the UK but the basic Sony 810 recorder is.

My observations: Bill says the Sharp is easy to use but I find the Sony much easier. To my ear the Sony definitely gives cleaner, more realistic sound with the same mic. I strongly prefer the Sony sound quality. Depends on the type of stuff you're recording, I guess.

Sony has one feature the Sharp doesn't have: it will play/ replay a single track. useful for learning songs, or for, say, a project I'm doing now of copying just the songs from a week-long class. Most of the features are common to both though.

The Sharp has manual setting of the recording level. The Sony only allows you to specify high or low sensitivity. I'm finding that with my lovely little stereo condenser mike, which doesn't have much built in amplification, the Sony does not record at a high enough level to copy well to tape. The resulting tape is fine but I have to turn the volume way up. (I need a tape deck that can increase the level electronically, but I spent all my money on the week-long class.) The Sharp definitely gives a more robust sound.

Me, I love the Sony and forgive it its sins. I'm thinking of looking for a new mic though because of the above mentioned volume problem. On the other hand it might be simpler just to get a tape deck that lets you set the recording level when making tapes....