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Posted By: GUEST,freds
12-Oct-03 - 07:02 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
We must impart sad, sad tidings.

Bubba Bubba (as you knew ither) is no more. Sheit has moved on to Another Plane. We think so, at least, as her passing was quite spectacular.

Were it not for the fact that she considered all of you to be friends, we would not tell you this. But even though your own Regime objects and feels that the knowledge of her passing is best disguised, we assure you that what we impart is the actual, unvarnished, unpainted Truth Of The Matter.

Bubba Bubba was, as we're certain you are aware, searching for a means to confront Bee-dubya-ell about his part in the creation of the hatchlings. To this end she had traveled from a point near what you call Redfield, South Dakota to where we had hidden our transport pod in the area around what you call Mount Rainer. Itshe managed to enter the pod by bypassing the cryptoguard and flung it skywards, ither anger apparently overriding herit's good sense. Itshe accelerated too quickly inside a gravitational field, and the result was photographed and posted to your Internet here.

As you can tell, your Regime has done a fairly poor job of coverup, but it will probably suffice. Our pity goes out not to Bubba Bubba, whose 4.5638 millenia were well lived, but to those who once lived in the now non-existent town of Seattle. The gravonic, photonic, and other radiations from the disintergration of the pod has obliterated all traces of the town and those who once lived there. Again, your Regime is perpetrating a coverup for fear of losing next year's Regime choice.

We are certain that Bubba Bubba would have apologized for ither actions, were sheit available to do so. We apologize for her, and assure you that the three hatchlings, Bee, Dubya, and Ell, are well and frisky after stewing. They are cute little things, and Ell (can you believe it?) ate a "Buick" just yesterday! Again, we offer apologies to the driver's survivors, but kids will be kids, won't they?