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Posted By: Dave Bryant
13-Oct-03 - 04:33 AM
Thread Name: Tech: MINI DISK + MIC.
Subject: RE: Tech: MINI DISK + MIC.
Hi Pete, I've got quite an old Sony MZ-R30 which has now been superceded by quite a lot of newer models. I find it reasonably easy to use, but as you would expect with anything so small, some of the more complicated actions can be a little fiddly. On the other hand these are usually final editing which you carry out at home so that's not too much of a bother. I gather that many MD recorders now have a PC interface and this can make titling etc easier.

My main gripe about MD recorders in general is that although they usually have digital-in they don't have digital-out. This was a deliberate design limitation to ensure that people only made personal copies of CDs and that you couldn't make a digital copy of an MD. Nowdays with CD burners being widespread and also the fact that pre-recorded MDs never caught on, this restriction is a bit stupid. OK I can output an analogue audio signal into my PC, but this defeats the the main object of recording digitally in the first place. If anyone knows of an MD recorder (or even a player) that does output a digital signal from an MD - I'd be very interested.