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Posted By: GUEST,Songster Bob
14-Oct-03 - 12:32 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: New topical song, from today's news
Subject: Lyr Add: ONE SOLDIER CRIED (Bob Clayton)
This is from today's news. I'm not going to expand on the news, or explain it, because if a song needs explaining, it's not complete. So tell me if this needs more detail.

One Soldier Cried

[tune: Lady Mary, also called Palace Grand]

They came to the olive groves, weapons ready and cocked.
Show us the ones who attack, or prepare yourselves for a shock.
These trees that you hold so dear, your families' treasure and pride
Will be the price that you pay for all of our soldiers who died.

The farmers with children and wives could not answer the call;
To inform would put them at risk; the invaders cared not at all.
So a century's growth of great trees, tradition, and pride in their own
Were condemned to destruction and death, by a force that no pity had shown.

The bulldozers came with their roar, to take out the trees of the town.
The hope of the poor farmers there, with a crash came tumbling down.
As music at high volume played, the hopes of a people were crushed,
For we will be foes to them if they become nothing to us.

Among the soldiers that day was at least one who saw with his heart
That the orders that caused this sad scene were enough to set him apart.
Amidst the tears of the poor, and the Army man's duty and pride,
One lone soldier could see, and that one lone soldier cried.

Copyright ©2003 Bob Clayton