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Posted By: KickyC
10-Aug-99 - 12:33 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: La Llorona
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: La Llorona
Translation for La Llorona

If I could climb to heaven, Llorona (the weeping woman from legend who murdered her children and wanders around looking for them)
I would bring the stars down to you

I would put the moon at your feet
I would crown you with the sun.

Oh, me, Llorona
Llorona of heavenly blue
Even if it cost me my life,
I would never stop loving you.

They say that I don't have any pain, Llorona
Because they don't see me crying.
There are deaths that don't make a sound, Llorona
And greater is their (should be spelled su instead of so) suffering.
Oh, me, Llorona
Llorona of yesterday and today
Yesterday I was marvelous
And now I am not even a shadow.

You left the temple one day, Llorona
When you passed I saw you.
You were wearing such a beautiful huipil (a type of loose-fitting blouse), llorona
That I thought you were a virgin.
(The Spanish here doesn't make sense. I think it should read "que una virgen te crei")

Oh, me, Llorona
Take me to the sea
To look for the divers, Llorona
That are gathering pearls.

I love this song! It is one of my favorites.