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Posted By: Trevor
15-Oct-03 - 09:59 AM
Thread Name: BS: Turkey v England in Istanbul
Subject: RE: BS: Turkey v England in Istanbul
What pees me off is the fact that, even when 'fans' are being 'well behaved and high spirited', I still have to put up with a load of racket, not just in the pub but out on the street as well, chanting, people walking down the middle of the carriageway doing that stupid, clapping, wardance, and bawling 'good natured' obscenities across the street to opposing fans.

Why should I have to stay out of my local town because there's a football match on?

And headlines along the lines of 'No trouble, only five arrests in minor skirmishes' make it sound as if we're all just having a jolly good time, when actually, I'm having a load of crap imposed on me and my family.

I enjoy football, but only from a distance now, on the telly, mainly because, even if it is a tiny minority Johnny, there's still enough of them to affect my Saturday afternoon.

As for 'I'll keep my eye on the Villa to see if any legs get broken', well that'll be a hoot won't it Dave! Maybe if we get Uri Geller to put a picture of Alpay's leg on GMTV, or in The Sun, we can all put our finger on it and wish, and it'll just happen - that's the kind of thing the intelligentsia of the game usually do isn't it?