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Posted By: Trevor
16-Oct-03 - 03:51 AM
Thread Name: BS: Turkey v England in Istanbul
Subject: RE: BS: Turkey v England in Istanbul
Well yes it is, actually, a wonder to me. If people behaved in the way that Johnny describes then the only policing that would be needed would be to make sure that everybody went in the right direction for the match.

As it is, because people like me grumble about the things that I mentioned above, it gives the local cops the excuse to go play commandos - and everybody is on the recieving end.

Get rid of the twats and there'd be no need for the 'heavy police presence' - which I also find offensive, and have to bloody well pay for!!

And what about the crap that we heard spouted by those dopey sods who, whilst describing themselves as 'normal, intelligent, law-abiding supporters of the England team, went on to say that they were going to trick their way in to the Istanbul match (and succeeded) because 'we live in a free society'. Has nobody ever told them that different cultures may have different traditions of imposing crap on all and sundry in the name of sport?