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Posted By: alanabit
16-Oct-03 - 03:34 PM
Thread Name: BS: Turkey v England in Istanbul
Subject: RE: BS: Turkey v England in Istanbul
Football does not produce hooligans, it simply attracts them. It is the one spectator sport in many countries which attracts fans in great enough numbers for hooligans to immerse themselves with some prospect of anonymity. The hooligan's real sport is not football, it is fighting. The attraction of football for hooligans is that the crowds are so big, that they have a good chance of getting away with violence.
Like Strolling Johnny, I do like football and I do not like violence. Violence is stupid, dangerous, mean spirited - and when you are only five foot four (like me)- it hurts. It has long been a phenomenon among certain young men that they simply like fighting. They do it for the same reason that many people take drugs or drive stupidly. They find it all tremendous fun. It seems that the choices society has are to either convince these young men that they should channel their energies into something else, or provide facilites for them to enjoy violence where it interferes with neither other residents nor the splendid game of football.
Boxing clubs would appear to be unsuitable - as would rugby clubs. Both of these activities require tiresome levels of skill, dedication and training. That doesn't fit in well with a serĂ­ous drinking schedule. The more experienced participants tend to be impressively fit and they have an alarming tendency to thump you back if you target them.
Perhaps what we need is a number of "violence zones" so that people who wish to can meet up and pound the daylights out of each other. They could then pursue this (for some) natural but unlovely instinct. It is regrettably true that violent people go to football matches, but let's not dignify them with the description of "Football fans". For me that term means something else.