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Posted By: GUEST,Strollin' Johnny
20-Oct-03 - 08:28 AM
Thread Name: BS: Turkey v England in Istanbul
Subject: RE: BS: Turkey v England in Istanbul
Ard, your prejudice and intransigence in the face of reason are breathtaking. With a nickname like yours, it's no surprise. I regard myself as a decent and civilised Englishman, and I've tried to put forward a reasoned and reasonable view that's echoed by the majority of English fans (the REAL Football fans - not the pisshead louts who just pose as fans) who are like me, but you refuse to listen and you continue to rant and rail and trot out meaningless and unprovable BS. You claim the moral high ground, but you're just as full of racist hatred as those you decry. Knock it off mate.

Big Tim, you're absolutely right about the Scots fans' improved behaviour but you've jumped on Ard's racist bandwagon in your final comment. I'd ask you to look at my post of 15/10 - I don't consider myself racially or culturally superior to people of ANY nation, and there's a lot more like me.

Alanabit - I salute you as another voice of sanity and reason. Good on yer mate.

Now I really am out of this for good.