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Posted By: Strupag
20-Oct-03 - 02:27 PM
Thread Name: Guitars on flights
Subject: RE: Guitars in planes
Well folks, seo sinn a Cheap Bhreatuin
I'm now in Baddeck. We got here in Tuesday just in time to see Tommy Sands in Wagmatcook. He was, as always, great. We went to the club afterwards and, after that, dates and times are just a happy blurr.
I got to the Pickers Paradise concert and my jaw is still touching the ground.
I also went to the Guitar Summit and the first person I met was my mate Bob Massie. I stood there nervously with him as his daughter, Anna, played along with these greats. I was delighted and proud that she proved that she is up there with them. J P said, after her second set, "Don't let that girl get on the plane. She is going to be an honourary Calien"
The celidh in Christmas Island was just like something you would find in a Uist or Barra hall.
The Square dance in Baddeck was just beyond description.
I have probably rubbed shoulders with Sandy and George and not known it but what the hell! I'm coming back next year.
I still have to say that, despite the great music, what made it for me was the friendliness and hospitality of the people. I want to thank everyone for that.
Now what about that guitar? Well it survived the flight ok but I'm a wee bit reluctant to take it out of it's box after seeing J P.
I'm now heading down to Pictou to see the Hector.