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Posted By: Roger in Baltimore
20-Oct-03 - 04:56 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Songs you sang at the Getaway
Subject: Lyr Add: Songs you sang at the Getaway
Allan C. proposed a thread like this after the first Getaway. You don't have to add the lyric, but you can. Just let people know what you sang.

Big Rib sang "The People That I've seen" in the songwriting workshop. In the parody workshop I butchered Peter and Katrina Cady's "Mama Fried" and "Socks and a Gun". Due to CRS I butchered them both.

Blues workshop: "Kind Hearted Woman" (by Robert Johnson. PS: "a wise artist always steal from the best"), "Breakfast Blues" (uncertain authorship, I've heard two claims. I was the only person to realize I couldn't remember the second verse. I just sang the first verse twice, another honored folk singing tradition) (I do this song just to tick Marge off, she hates it. She called out loud for Rolaids when it was over), and "Love in Vain" (by Robert Johnson, inappropriately butchered. I only did it because Max asked me to. Except for forgetting most of the words and half of the chords, I did OK).

Comedy songs (Kendall's workshop): John Flynn's "Roadkill Cafe".

Saturday night concert "Death Ain't Got No Mercy" in DADGAD tuning. Learned the words and tune from John Jackson. The rest of it can be blamed on me. Actually, I did it pretty well and the audience sang along. It was my first trip in public with the song, always a telling time.

I think that's it.

Roger in Baltimore