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Posted By: Jeri
21-Oct-03 - 06:51 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Songs you sang at the Getaway
Subject: Lyr Add: WHEEL OF TIME (Jeri Corlew)
Lyrics to 'Fire Down Below' and some information here.

Oh lookie. The following has a first verse:
© 2002 Jeri Corlew

The wheel of time rolls on
We live, we love, and then we're gone
But every voice adds to the song
That is the life of man

And though we're carried onward
By the ceaseless flow of time
The echoes of our lives remain
In those we leave behind
Like the wings of one bright butterfly
That gently push the air
Which joins with other currents
And the power builds from there

And clouds move 'round the world
The rain it softly falls
And muffled footsteps echo
From ancient greying walls
And the same rain fell long years ago
And will fall when we are gone
When other footfalls echo
As the wheel of time rolls on

There's power in the motion
Of fragile painted wings
Though butterflies must pass away
As all such earthly things
And there's power in the gifts you give
Of laugher love and song
And tears that fall like gentle rain
When the wheel of time rolls on

Somewhere a lone voice rises
In the blackest black of night
As shadows race through windswept fields
Toward the dawn's first light
And the song they sing is your song
And it finds us though you've gone
With the wings of gentle butterflies
As the wheel of time rolls on

Midi of tune