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Posted By: GUEST,Shiney Knause
22-Oct-03 - 04:34 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads

Ah thank thet whut th' Bee-dubya boy'z tryin' t' say iz sumthin' lack this:

If'n all thet dark stuff thet's s'posed t' be holdin' th' Yooniverse t'gether an' keepin' it ferm flyin' apart iz bullshit, then thar be a buncha it. Ya cud say thet the Yooniverse iz overloaded wif bullshit. Now, if th' Galacatick Overlord iz s'posed t' be in charge of lookin' out fer th' place, then he'z in charge of lookin' out fer all thet bullshit two. So, sense hee iz in charge of thet big overload of bullshit, an', he could bee called th' Galactick Overload. Ah thank it be whut's cawled a pun, but Ah don' thank it be a verry gud 'un.

Ah noe it don' mek no damm since, but thet Bee-dubya fucker's a weerd sumbitch. Ya gotta be a bigger idjit thun hee iz t' unnerstan' th' boy. An' if Shiney Knause ain't nuthin' else, Ah iz a idjit.