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Posted By: Joybell
23-Oct-03 - 12:56 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Crow Scaring Songs
Subject: RE: Origins: Crow Scaring Songs
Thanks Bob, It was fun writing "Magpie Games" and it got me quite a few letters from around the country.
As to the aggressive swooping of our maggies, only some males do it and never for long each Spring. We have one who patrols our road from a telegraph pole for about a month during nesting season. Funny thing is that we quite familiar friends of his are the only people who walk along the road - and his wife's nest is way down the paddock far from the road. We are allowed to go right up to it.
Stilly River Sage, Ho! yes so hI did. My roots must be showing. They only go down 160 years here and it's an old, old country. It takes longer I think.
Sorcha, Could you post a new thread about crow prophesying it sounds interesting but it is in danger of getting swamped here. My farmer neighbour used to give me predictions about the weather,hinting at animal connections, but he finally admitted that they came from the evening television news.