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Posted By: Cluin
23-Oct-03 - 03:21 PM
Thread Name: Obit: actor Jack Elam - RIP (1920-2003)
Subject: RE: Obit: Jack Elam - RIP
One of my longtime favourites. Memorable in scenes from:

Support Your Local Sheriff: "Well I was kind of in a hurry to save your life. I wasn't trying to group my shots!"

Support Your Local Gunfighter: "I'm a peaceable kinda fella... `nless'n I'm riled..." (Stand back! Don't rile `im, boys!)

Rio Lobo: "If you hear a loud noise, it'll be Mister Ketchum dyin'..."

Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again: "Well, I'm mighty flattered, ma'am. But I'm a married man."

Plus other memorable scenes from Pocketful of Miracles, Hannie Caulder (a shitty Racquel Welch movie saved by the black humour of the three outlaw brothers: Mr. Elam, Strother Martin and Ernest Borgnine... well, not really saved, but they were worth watching), and in Peckinpah's cult classic Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid.

I saw an interview with Jack Elam about the latter movie once. In it he tells a story of how, early on in the filming, he met this scrawny, scruffy little "kid" on the hot dusty set, sitting in the shade of a trailer. He felt sorry for the kid and told him he could go get out of the heat in his own trailer and get a drink and cool off. The kid said thanks for the gesture, but he was fine. At that point, Kris Kristofferson came over and pointed out the biggest trailer on the lot and told him that was the "kid's" rig. The "kid" of course, was Bob Dylan.
Jack wasn't really a folk music fan. Gotta luv him anyways.