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Posted By: Bob Bolton
25-Oct-03 - 02:03 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: I Want To Have a Little Bomb like You
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: I ant to have a little bomb like you
G'day Ian / Sorcha,

I have all 5 of the Songs of SYDNEY CARTER - in the present tense song books ... and believe Sydney's songs should be firmly in the DT, &c - well marked and available for people who will sing them ... and record them ... and pay appropriate royalties. Unfortunately, the current holder of the rights (a firm hiding behind the false (well, adopted) name Stainer & Bellis much more anal-retentive and thinks they should be hidden away ... so that people have to find them ... and then buy the books from them!

I'm currently reconstructing my computer system and can't make my scanner work ... but I'll post the words (since that is all you need) - when everything works again!

(Fortunately, I don't have to scan ... or read ... from the 5th book, the only one actually published by "Stainer & Bell". For some inexplicable reason, they reduced the lyric size from the former 7 points to 5 points ... roughly "fine print in a shonky insurance policy" - size!)


Bob Bolton