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Posted By: Fortunato
25-Oct-03 - 08:50 AM
Thread Name: Review: PHILLY FOLKSONG SOCIETY Reviews
Subject: Goin' where the chilly winds don't blow...(Part 2)
And now, for something totally different, I give you the Chance and Susette Shiver Show, ON THE AIR. This is a show within a show within a CD. Are you still with me? Imagine, if you will, an old fashioned radio show complete with silver voiced announcer, organ fanfares and honest to goodness sounding commercials.
    Picture, if you can, a husband and wife team reinventing, what sounds to me to be, the old George Burns & Gracie Allen "Lambchops" routine and separating the two liners with Old Timey duets. Project, if you must, ordering this singular CD from such random venues as CD Baby, CD Street, or their very own site,
    I can guarantee you have nothing in your record collection like it. (I wonder if that's Harry Von Zel on bass)
    A little more prosaic but well within the neighborhood of the unexpected, is Michael Bracken's "Amhrain" (with one of those little accent marks over the second a). Michael Bracken has taken a set of traditional Irish songs and arranged them in most untraditional ways. He uses contemporary genres and voicings and orchestrations and produces an interpretation that is as personal as a poem. I didn't think I would like this approach but I was surprised and pleased with his heresy. Listening to Bracken's "Star of the County Down" was a revelation, at the same time, entertaining and challenging. Michael Bracken lives in the UK but he has a website.
    More news from the recording front, personal prejudice division or "Recording as Euthanasia":
Lessons Learned the Hard Way part 2
    1. A cut is never complete. There is always something you
       can add, subtract, clean up or rerecord.
    2. More musicians = more headaches.
    3. Ideas are unfettered. Only money is finite.

Michael Miller
Tune-Up, a publication of the Philadelphia Folksong Society