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Posted By: Barry Finn
26-Oct-03 - 08:10 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Songs you sang at the Getaway
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Songs you sang at the Getaway
These are what I can remember singing. Unlike the songs I couldn't remember but tried to sing.

Sioux Indians - pioneer ballad

Virginia Lags - transportation ballad

Walker of the Snow (Shadow Hunter) – words by Charles D Shanly, tune by Sean Tyrell)

Schooner Industry – Jerry Bryant found this from the log of the schooner industry 1822
       music by & chorus by Neil Downey

Yankzee River Shanty – words by Hamish Maclaren 1930, music by Charley Noble

Roller Bowler - shanty

London Julies (Juliana) - shanty

Johnnie Come Down to Hilo - shanty

These Ol Walls – by Barry Finn

Bellman – British hunting

Linin' Track - Railroad/Prison work song

Ol Dollar Mamie – prison work song

South Wind - Irish

A Stor Mo Chroi – Irish

Lambs on the Green Hills – Irish, version of "I Once Love a Lass" family

Reilly – slave song /log loading shanty form Georgia Sea Islands

Hell of a Wedding on the Congo River – rowing shanty from West Indies

Rosieanna – Menhaden Fisheries, net hauling

Hard Times in Ol Virginia - slave song & shanty

Pay Me My Money Down – Georgia Sea Islands

Jack in the Green – Martin Graebe (1972)

Ranzo Rae – shanty

Edie – prison holler

Priest & Nuns – pumping shanty

Rollin Down the Bay to Juliana – shanty

Louise – by Paul Siebel

Battle of Pea Ridge – civil war, tune originally from St. Clair's Defeat, revolutionary war

Far Away in Australia – Traditional

Claudy Banks – collected in Maine by Dick Swain & Jeff Davis

Hi Ron, don't think you were alone in the "losing voice chorus". I was shocked that I could even hold a tune by Sunday night, so I figured well, I didn't completely lose it this song I'll try to kill it on the next one. I noticed that the Shellbacks did keep singing though out the whole time & they only seemed to get better. By Monday I could barely talk.