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Posted By: JennyO
29-Oct-03 - 12:09 PM
Thread Name: BS: Matthew Shepard (1976-1998)
Subject: RE: BS: Matthew Shepard
Dear GUEST, I was brought up a Methodist, and had a good dose of religion as a child. As I grew older, I was not so much confused as disillusioned, and decided long ago that I did not relate to Christianity, or any religion that assumes that we are sinners and need saving, or any religion that says "Our way is the only right way". That is the sort of thinking that provides fertile ground for nasty types like Phelps to flourish, AND be taken seriously by some.

I always felt an affinity with nature-based spirituality, without knowing what label to give myself, and these days I am quite clear about the path I am taking. You might call me a pagan or a witch, but I still prefer not to put any labels on it myself.

My present life on this planet is all just a part of a learning process for my soul. That is how I see it. We are all going through this - each at a different stage along our chosen path, and each in our own way. So I would never say my way is the only right way.

I see Jesus as one of the great teachers and many of his ideas are very worthy, but there is a lot of wisdom to be gained from other great teachers and shamans too. Actually, I have been looking within a lot lately. That's where the greatest wisdom comes from.