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Posted By: Joe Offer
29-Oct-03 - 01:57 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Smile In Your Sleep / Hush, hush
Subject: DTCorrection: Smile In Your Sleep
Hi, Jim - I wanted to make sure we have the lyrics and attribution exactly right in the Digital Tradition. These are the lyrics Alice posted in the first message, with a few corrections. Can you look this over and tell me if there are any corrections needed in words, verse order, or spelling?
Is the word spelled "sheeling"?
Copyright date?
How to contact for recording rights?
Correct title/alternate titles?
Is the tune correct? click to play

Thanks a lot, Jim. It's a lovely song. Big Mick sang it beautifully at the Washington (DC) Getaway a couple of weeks ago.
-Joe Offer-

(Jim McLean)

Hush, hush, time to be sleeping,
Hush, hush, dreams are a creeping,
Dreams of peace and of freedom,
So smile in your sleep Bonnie Baby.

1. Once our valleys were ringing,
With sounds of our children singing,
But now sheep bleat till the evening,
And shielings lie empty and broken.

2. We stood with heads bowed in prayer,
While factors laid our cottages bare,
The flames licked the clear mountain air,
And many were dead by the morning.

3. Where was our proud Highland mettle,
Our men once so famed in battle,
Now stand cowed, huddled like cattle,
And soon to be shipped o'er the ocean.

4. No use pleading or praying,
Now gone, gone, all hope of staying,
So hush, hush the anchors a-weighing,
Don't cry in your sleep, bonnie baby.

Words and music Jim McLean Published by Duart Music London 1963

This tune is from Jim's sheet music ( click to play