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29-Oct-03 - 09:06 PM
Thread Name: BS: Matthew Shepard (1976-1998)
Subject: RE: BS: Matthew Shepard
I'm not using my name here because I'm from Topeka, (where Fred is from) and you cannot imagine the villification that would result if he knew who I am.

To find out the truth about him, go here.
This is an indepth report that appeared in our newspaper some time ago. You will see that several of his kids are lawyers (Phelps Chartered) and that is where the church gets all its money.

Kendall, I admire your attitude, but if you were to try anything like that (and some have) you, your friends, your relatives and anyone you might know would be sublect not only to harrassment, but law suites, loss of wages, etc, etc.

Look at the above article. You will see why his two oldest children moved away and have nothing at all to do with him. He himself is not in the best of health now, and his daughter is taking over and will be worse than he is. There is only one thing that works with him and that is to ignor him. There is a large group that is called "Not Today Fred" that gives counter demonstrations, and while they get a nice response from the community, Fred enjoyes the attention. There is a popular bumper sticker here that says simply PHUCK PHRED. So far he hasen't been able to have that removed.

BTW, he claimes to be affilliated with the Primitive Baptist church; I don't know it that is true or not.

QUESTION: Why did Iraq get Saddam Hussein while Topeka got Fred?
ANSWER: Iraq had first choice!

We would be forever in your debt if you take him from us.