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Posted By: Margo
12-Aug-99 - 04:35 PM
Thread Name: Ethnic Foods Crossover (Cont'd)
Subject: RE: Ethnic Foods Crossover (Cont'd)
Here's my family recipie of EGGPLANT SALAD.

for each eggplant, use two bell peppers and two medium tomatoes, One onion, vinegar and oil to taste, salt.

Roast eggplants and peppers in the oven until skins are black. Probably have to turn them once or twice. Oven temp is probably 375 or something.

While eggplants and peppers are roasting, chop the onion finely, place in bowl, and cover with an obscene amount of salt. (Or just use a lot) I crush the onions and salt a bit with something like a jar.

When roasting is done, scrape eggplant from skin and chop (as soon as it is cool enough to handle.) Place in the big bowl.

THRILLING TIP: Close roasted peppers in a paper bag while they're hot, and they will sweat their skins off, making it a heck of a lot easier to strip them of their skins!

Chop peppers and put in with the eggplant.

Chop tomatoes finely and put in with the eggplant and peppers.

Rinse the onions well, and put in with the eggplant, peppers, and tomatoes.

Add vinegar and oil (I like to use red wine vinegar) and salt to taste.

My grandma would run everything through a meat grinder. Does it sound strange? It is sooooo yummy! We always have it at family gatherings, and if someone doesn't show up, we all say "good! more eggplant salad for us!"

The salt on the onions makes the onions mild. Easy Rider, I am planning on making some eggplant salad for you when you're here, so you'll taste the Rosenstein family recipie!