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Posted By: BlueJay
30-Oct-03 - 04:17 AM
Thread Name: BS: Matthew Shepard (1976-1998)
Subject: RE: BS: Matthew Shepard
This maniac has also tainted where I live, southern Colorado. He and his troops came to Trinidad, about seven years ago, to protest against Dr. Stanley Biber, one of the pioneers of sex-change surgery.

Now as a nurse, I have worked under Dr. Biber's direction. As a nurse, it is not appropriate to be too goddam judgemental, one way or the other. But I will say that what the doctor has done regarding sex change is quite miraculous. I've seen some of his surgery and outcomes.

Doctor Biber has generated a HUGE revenue for the small town of Trinidad over the years, and at times has practically kept our local hospital afloat for all patients. Trinidad realizes this quite well.

So here comes Phelps and his army. They managed to recruit a few local demonstrators, but not many. Plastered "God hates Fags", and "No More sex Change" signs in a feew locations. Some of the more fundamental churches participated, but the whole thing was over in a day. Got front page coverage in the Trinidad Chronicle, for one day.

I'd have to say the alleged Reverend Phelps must have been disappointed in his reception in Trinidad, Colorado. He spent a bunch of money getting his protesters here, largely with no reaction.

Either this guy needs to get a real life, or somebody should tie him up to a fence for a few days. I personally wish somebody would just shoot his ass, since there's more guns in this country than Christians. Thanks, BlueJay