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Posted By: katlaughing
12-Aug-99 - 07:35 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Ten Little Indians
Subject: RE: 10 Little Indians

I should have said people of colour or black Americans or whatever. My main point was why promote things which are hurtful, esp. to segments of any population which has been oppressed and denigrated in the past? There are so many positive things of historical significance to minority comunities, which weren't common knowledge,why not focus on those, instead?

My son-in-law doesn't like being mistaken for an African American, either. When my daughter is out with their sons, without him, people ask her if her husband is black. She says, "No, he is Antiguan". Her point is that we are all part of the human race and there should be no distinctions.

However, there were distinctions and still are, which are very derogatory and until we can be rid of them, in general society (not in the historically significant literature, songs, etc.), I believe we need distinctions which are NOT derogatory. I use blacks as an example. This could also hold true for any segment of the population.

There have been other very intersting discussions on this, here, before. You might do a forum search to see what others have to say about the songs they choose to promote. I think one such thread was entitled "Song Appropriateness".

Thanks,'ert! kat