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Posted By: CapriUni
31-Oct-03 - 01:10 AM
Thread Name: Chants vs. Song: why don't Pagans *sing*
Subject: RE: Chants vs. Song: why don't Pagans *sing*
LadyJean: sorry to pick a nit, here, but: the terms "Wiccan," "Witch," and "Pagan" are not interchangeable.

"Pagan" is a broad umbrella term for many religions, just as "monotheism" is.

"Wicca" is one specific Neo-Pagan religion among many.

"Witch" is often used as a synonym for Wiccan, but its use in this way is not universally accepted. Many define "Witch" as: "Someone who practices folk-magic, regardless of theology," and while many Wiccans fall into this catagory, not all do. And also, I've met up with people who consider themselves Christain witches.