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Posted By: Susan A-R
12-Aug-99 - 09:29 PM
Thread Name: Ethnic Foods Crossover (Cont'd)
Subject: RE: Ethnic Foods Crossover (Cont'd)
WOW! That'll teach me to pass over a thread. Why did it take me so long to hook onto this one. Food and music are my two main loves in life, and I'm now lucky enough to make a living by the food end of things. With a good Scots/English background (how about mealy puddings anyone? GREAT vehicle for butter) Yorkshire Pudding was a part of all Christmas Roast beef diners, then we started to get wild (in Vermont in the early seventies, tacos, stir fry and fondu were REALLY wild, THEN, I met and married my Korean american husband, whose family has always eaten adventurously, and there was no holding back. Now I live in the town with some thirty eating establishments (population 7,000) and since none of them served Japanese, Middle Eastern, Thai, Indian, Caribbean, real Mexican, or any African food to speak of, I've started my dream take-out establishment. This week I had Spinach and crema enchiladas with mango salsa, zucchini and roasted potato enchiladas with red chile sauce, Potato cauliflower curry, spinach koftas in tomato yogurt curry sauce, Thai Evil Jungle Prince veggies, eggplant and mushroom skewers with peanut satay sauce, dim sum (the big time consuming one ( and tomorrow tTurkish Ratatouille with dates, and Imam Bayildi, or the Imam fainted, a lovely understated stuffed eggplant dish. Every week is different, and I have a blast. And to think it started with mealy puddings and fried salt pork and grits, and yorkshire pudding, and popovers, and well, I guess it's not such a leap after all. Not much food I don't like, or won't try to cook at least once.