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Posted By: CapriUni
03-Nov-03 - 03:29 PM
Thread Name: Chants vs. Song: why don't Pagans *sing*
Subject: RE: Chants vs. Song: why don't Pagans *sing*
Hi, all! Sorry I've been away just when this conversation was starting, but I was taking a three day respite from artificial light for Samhain, and that included the light of the television and computer screen... but I'm back, now! :-)

Hesperis, Re: "Life lives on" -- the lyrics are indeed lovely, and I only wish the sound clip was longer! It faded out just as the chant bit was ending, I think.

Kat: There seems to be a kind of unspoken inhibition which keeps folks from feeling free and spontaneous. Indeed. I was blessed with a mother who loved to sing, even though, in my toddler wisdom, I was convinced (and announced loudly, I'm afraid), that she "got all the notes wrong," nonetheless, I learned not to be bashful with music. When I was in college, I'd sing on my way to class or whenever the tune popped into my head. Others would comment on how cheerful I was, but not one person joined in.

I don't know whether it stems from our Puritan forefathers, who decreed secular music to be sinful, or our overbearing music industry, which pushes music arranged to the hilt, or a combination of both, but there you have it.

Phiddle -- thank you for that! I may just try introducing that song the next time I'm at a gathering... maybe the familiar tune will help...

Greg -- indeed, I did listen to it, and it gave me shivers -- oooh!