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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
03-Nov-03 - 07:34 PM
Thread Name: Chants vs. Song: why don't Pagans *sing*
Subject: RE: Chants vs. Song: why don't Pagans *sing*
"I think our culture, in general, is afraid of looking foolish"

I think that applies here as well much of the time. It really does seem strange that societies which, to an outsider, are in all kinds of ways among the most peculiar and laughable in humanities peculiar and laughable history, should throw up this kind of psychic self-mutilation..

Singing is probably a lot older and more deeply rooted in human beings than spoken language. When you think of it, and of what is involved in somehow producing and varying notes to order, and combining them with words - it's breathtaking. And we can just do it. It comes as naturally to us as breathing - and in it's way it is as necessary for our well being.

I can't think of anything more foolish than a society where people don't feel entitled to sing. Or whistle, as we go about our lives.