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04-Nov-03 - 12:31 AM
Thread Name: Chants vs. Song: why don't Pagans *sing*
Subject: RE: Chants vs. Song: why don't Pagans *sing*
And 2 examples of Pagan songs (which are actually religious in nature, so go figure...)

Ancient Ages
Arlan Andrews, 1980

Lost world of the ancient ages
Sung by poets, scorned by sages
Airy towers they've stricken down
Becoming part of earth and ground
Palaces, abodes of kings
Lie deep at sea remembering
And pyramids of earth and stone
Stand like mountains overgrown
With roots of plants and root of man
There was a pattern and a plan

Around the world today we see
Strange remnants of this mystery
A pyramid, a man-made hill
A group of structures standing still
That mark the channels where still flow
Energies we do not know
For purposes we cannot ken
Yet once were known by ancient men
With faith we may yet understand
There was a pattern and a plan

Around the world in massive stone
In standing circles and alone
The ancient wise enacted high
Their monuments to measure sky
To chart the course of earth and sun
And stars to mark the season's run
Size, form and shape help them to tap
Dear Mother Earth's sweet magic pap
For rites of gods and rites of man
There was a pattern and a plan

Around and Around

Around and around and around turns the good earth
All things must change as the seasons go by
We are the children of the Lord and Lady
Whose mysteries we know but we never know why

In days gone by when the world was much younger
Men wandered at spring born of Hunter's cold night
Wondering at the games of the moon and the sunlight
They saw there the Lady and Lord of all time

In all lands the people were tied to the good earth
Plowing and sowing as the seasons declared
Waiting to reap of the rich golden harvest
Knowing her laugh in the joys that they shared

Through Flanders & Wales & the green land of Ireland
In kingdoms of England and Scotland and Spain
Circles grew up all along the wild coastline
And worked for the land with the Sun & the rain

Circles for healing and working the weather
Circles for knowing the moon and the sun
Circles for thanking the Lord and the Lady
Circles for dancing the dance never done

And we who reach for the stars in the heavens
Turn not our eyes from the meadows and groves
Still live the love of the Lord and the Lady
The greater the circle the more love grows

There are Pagan carols as well, if you bother to use the term carol to mean songs sung about Winter religious holidays (and remember that while Yule (and the other names) is properly celebrated on the Winter Solstice, most experts beleive that Jesus was born sometime in the Spring, but that Rome's Saturnalia was too good of a party to just chuck out with the "old" religion.

Winter Solstice songs written by yours truly:

It Came upon a Midnight Clear
Thomas Cook (Blackcatter), 1993

It came upon a midnight clear
That witchy hour of night
From faeries flying close to earth
To celebrate the light

Peace on the earth, good will to all
From God and Goddess too
The world in joyous love shall sing
A message of love that's true

As time stands still on this long night
The elements circle round
The sphere is cast and friends come near
their hopes and dreams unbound

In perfect love, in perfect trust
Together we all should live
for life's too short and time's too dear
To ration the joy we can give

Joy to the Earth
Thomas Cook (Blackcatter), 1993

Joy to the earth, for Yuletide's here
The balefire's burning bright
Its flames reach up, up to the sky
And are enveloped by the night

Enveloped by the night
Enveloped by the night
Enveloped, enveloped by the night

Joy to the earth, the Sun God's come
Let Nature return to life
Let every field grow green and full

And flowers bloom again
And flowers bloom again
And flowers and flowers bloom again!

Silent Night
Thomas Cook (Blackcatter), 1995

Silent night, sacred night
Pagans come to the rite
Circle crowns our Mother earth
Fire symbols the sun's rebirth
Nature's spirit is peace
Nature's spirit is peace

Silent night, sacred night
With the dawn comes the light
Yuletide brings a bright new year
Flowing mead and songs of cheer
Nature's spirit is peace
Nature's spirit is peace

I'd say that over 3/4s of the songs that I've written are Pagan.

(and just for you definition junkies out there, I identify as either Pagan or Witch. I practice an ecclectic form of Wicca, and am also an active Unitarian Universalist).

pax y'all