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Posted By: GUEST
04-Nov-03 - 06:49 AM
Thread Name: Origins: They Don't Write 'Em Like That Anymore
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: They dont write em like That anymore
Hiya Susanne,

I'm abit late in replying !!!!
Re:- your question
A bold audience is watchin' while Tony is botchin' (?)
And missin' an easy card trick (?)

The verb " to botch " is probably slang.
Common usage is that a "botched job", is a job which has
not done very well, or skillfully .

Therefore Kenny ( not Tony) who actually could normally
perform interesting card tricks - but because of the
effects of TOO MUCH BEER was "botchin and messing-up
easy card tricks".

I hope that makes it clearer for you and thankyou very
much for your interest in the song - I hope it has given
you some pleasure .

Incidentally - I only found out about this web Site last night - hence the delay in replying to your query.

Cheers ,