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Posted By: ddw in windsor
13-Aug-99 - 08:21 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Ten Little Indians
Subject: RE: 10 Little Indians
Hi K~~ —

Right you are about the children; my niece married a Samoan fellow and their two little girls are gorgeous -- tho' now they're not so little. One just started college and the other is in the 11th grade.

My sister also married an American Indian and their kids are something to write home about -- both in looks and in smarts.

There are also several other Indians in our family and my son seems to prefer sub-continent Indian and Asian women. From some of the ones he's dated, I can't fault his taste at all — tho' my ex-wife and her family seem to be very upset by it. Which is one of the kinds of things that made her my ex-wife....

cheers all,