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Posted By: Bobert
07-Nov-03 - 07:14 PM
Thread Name: BS: NPR: You want fries with that pledge?
Subject: RE: BS: NPR: You want fries with that pledge?
NPR liberal? Yeah, you rightie's keep sayin' it loud and long enough and maybe you'll actuall0,y deep down inside, believe it. What a joke. Pacifica is liberal. NPR is moderate. The the rest of the bunch is right winged.

The way me and the Wes Ginny Slide rule got it figured, you right wingers are now winning the media game 175,937 to 1, with one tie. Yeah, I know you'd like it to be 175,939 to zero and if Bush/Poweel have their way with runing the last few FCC ownership regs thru the shedding machine, you may soon have your way. One party. One media. Hey, that sounds familiar.... Hmmmm?