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Posted By: mg
07-Nov-03 - 11:20 PM
Thread Name: BS: SUV Tax Break?
Subject: RE: BS: SUV Tax Break?
gas is a renewable resource...the stupid way we do it now might take a million years...but other kinds can obviously be made out of what we consider garbage, sewage, etc...don't know if they would run in a Hummer or not.

And I think people are not considering the real reason many people want larger cars..not status..not thinking there is a 1 in a million chance they will want to drive over lots of big boulders..not a desire to gobble up resources or pollute the atmosphere...but the very real danger of collisions in smaller cars..I am not specifically talking SUVs..think Volvos or something like that. It is part of the law of the commons..if everyone drove small cars, small cars would be safe on freeways. If the percentage of big cars goes up, small cars are relatively less safe. I live in a place with lots of black ice, torrential rains, deer jumping out at you, and people who pass with no clearance whatsoever. I am looking for a used cement truck. mg