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Posted By: SueH
14-Aug-99 - 04:30 PM
Thread Name: Jeri's Tune - Please Listen!!
Subject: RE: Jeri's Tune - Please Listen!!
No good hiding behind someone else's computer, Jeri!!

You didn't take it with you, did you???? (The CD, not the computer)

I'll expect thousands of orders now [BG]!!

I hope you're having a good time there, I thought you wouldn't be playing about on the computer, too busy singing & playing..... Debbie will be so pleased to hear your compliments, as long as she hasn't drowned at Copredy over the weekend. Weather is still dire here, I hope you were able to get out in the kayaks. I really envy you.

Who said the sound clips were breaking up? Have you tried saving to disc & then playing - I do this with everything now as I always get a jerky play in realtime, even with an ISDN connection.

Are Jon's tunes nice, Jeri? Anything we'd like for the next CD (giggle)? At the rate their bookings are going, we might be able to afford another one before too long!

Excuse the typing, again!