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Posted By: WyoWoman
14-Aug-99 - 06:15 PM
Thread Name: Ethnic Foods Crossover (Cont'd)
Subject: RE: Ethnic Foods Crossover (Cont'd)
Oh, distance, schmistance. This is cyberland: Here's your Spinach Gnocchi with a Nutmeg cream sauce. And a nice spinach salad to accompany it. Spinach Ice Cream, anyone?

Oh, I just thought of one of my favorite salads. Some people hate beets, but if you like beets and spinach, you'll love this:

A Bag o' Baby Spinach A jar of sliced beets, drained well A red onion, sliced thin A bag o' walnuts, chopped As much bleu cheese as makes you happy

Mix 'em all together and sprinkle with a smidge of oil and vinegar (I use balsamic or rice...)