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Posted By: SueH
15-Aug-99 - 08:13 AM
Thread Name: Jeri's Tune - Please Listen!!
Subject: RE: Jeri's Tune - Please Listen!!
Hello all

This is really weird; I've definitely got the files & links named right.

The clips were taken off the CD using Goldwave & saved as .wav files with MP3 extensions. They seem to play on WinAmp & Windows Media Player OK; they don't play at the right speed using Realplayer & RealJukebox doesn't find them as they are still .wav files. I also have Quicktime & Crescendo (as plugins in IE4) & I think unfortunately that no matter how you set up IE4, sooner or later Windows Media Player manages to reset itself as the default. I've never been able to play the Australian tunes on Mark Gregory's site ( These say they're .mov files, & I always get an error (from Windows Media Player!) saying it can't open them, please check the pathname is correct.

I'll try saving them again as ordinary wav files & then converting to to MP2; if they play OK then with Realplayer etc, then I'll put them on the site as well so there's a choice. (br>

Thank you for the tunes Jon, I'll print them out. We try & get a good mix of 'real' traditional tunes, contemporary tunes written in traditional style, songs etc.

Barbara - have you been on the TamLin site before - or are you using some sort of proxy server or linking to a mirror site? It sounds as though you are somehow getting the old page - which had different sound clips on. Try refreshing the page or clearing out your cache.

Lonesome EJ - what a lovely compliment! instructions for getting the CD are on one of the other pages on the site (I think it's on the 'News' page). The cheapest way for you to do it is to send us an international money order or banker's draft, I think. Because we don't have a record label or distributor (the band made the CD primarily for local fans, & to send to folk clubs, festivals etc) we just have to send them out direct. I can email you direct with the address etc if you are a Mudcat member or let me have your email address.