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Posted By: Mooh
15-Nov-03 - 06:13 PM
Thread Name: tone vs pitch
Subject: RE: tone vs pitch
Little Hawk...Wow, I've all but given up trying to teach Rosie The Wonder Dog to sing along with things. She'll make little speaking noise but only when I rub her muzzle a certain way. I think I've heard her howl maybe twice in her life (6 years), otherwise no vocal response to sounds at all. She seems to enjoy music, but no frequency seems to start her vocalizing.

The pitch/tone/timbre relationships are funny things. I don't remember being confused by them at all, but my Dad had us indoctrinated in music very young. However, in my attempts to establish the musical maturity of incoming students, I've noticed a lot of confusion in some folks about this. The same pitch on several different instruments will confuse many uneducated ears. One thing I have noticed is that if the student will vocalise the pitch, recognition improves quickly, as if there's some kind of primal connection between brain, ear and voice which transcends our attempts to "over-science" sound.

Peace, Mooh.