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Posted By: Little Hawk
15-Nov-03 - 08:33 PM
Thread Name: how do you pronounce Antietam?
Subject: RE: how do you pronounce Antietam?
Definitely. The winner gets to name the battle in most, if not all, cases.

There was a Sierra game out called "Civil War General II" that covered virtually every major battle in the Civil War very accurately. Antietam was one of the most interesting ones, and requires very careful handling by the South if they are to win or secure a draw.

McLellan actually had a captured map of all Lee's march and maneuver orders, taken off a dead or captured Confederate before the battle...and STILL did not sieze the opportunity to maximum effect and destroy Lee's army! That man was pathologically cautious...never willing to fight until he had absolute assurance of overwhelming material advantage. His soldiers, however, loved him...because he cut a grand figure and treated them very well, keeping casualties generally fairly low. The Army loved McLellan so much, in fact, that they would probably have marched on Washington when Lincoln relieved him...had McLellan given the order. He didn't, but tried instead to run against Lincoln in the next presidential election. The Gettysburg victory secured Lincoln's future, and McLellan's hopes were were those of the South. Gettysburg was the watershed.

- LH