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Posted By: Barry Finn
16-Nov-03 - 02:13 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Yangtze River...? / Yangtse River Shanty
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Hey, where is that 'Yangtze River' s
Hi Dead Horse
Something tells me you're up to no good here & having a grand laugh at it too. Well, always being one who doesn't know when to stop I hope you don't mind the add on below.

A dippy Yankee was seen way down river
Blow boys blow
We'll keep him down wind with his rotten liver
Blow boys blow

He's got great long scars, when he walks they shimmer
He's got cramps in his legs & his feet & his fingers

His face is yeller & his eyes are too
The skin on this yeller guy's a clammy hue

What do you think that he had for dinner
Seaweed stew & a donkey's liver

Can you guess what he had for supper
Oh a kidney pie that's been aged in the scuppers

We'll ship him home to Davy Jones
So low in flesh so high in bone

How would you know if he had hep C
You could tell by his smell & his darkened pee

His back's been fractured & his snoze's been broke
He's a walking, talking, fall-down joke

To see him run you'd laugh like thunder
There's more steel in his heels than in a 40-pounder

When he walks & he works hear his breath go shallow
His ears don't hear & his sight is narrow

He's a hard case Yankee with a soft-shelled brain
To see the drool on his lips you could bet he's insane

When it's his time to go he may get called up yonder
Though with the flies & fleas he'll feel the flames down under

This poor ol Yank came swimming down the river
With a smile on his face & a brand new liver