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17-Nov-03 - 09:08 AM
Thread Name: how do you pronounce Antietam?
Subject: RE: how do you pronounce Antietam?
On his excellent CD with Jerry Moses "North and South - Old Time Appalachian Songs and Tunes" (Newmills Sound Studio , Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Republic of Ireland, 2002) Alec Somerville (on the 1st track called Rebel Soldier) has the lines:

"We marched north to Sharpsburg, called Antietam by some"

The prounciation sounds like "Anteetum" with no particular stress on any syllable. Alec Somerville is apparently English born but lived for many years in Ontario, Canada, before moving to Co. Donegal in 1998. I do not know anything about Jerry Moses.

The words were written by Somerville (the only such song on the album which is mostly traditional, but with Stephen Foster's "Hard Times" and Clarence Ashley's "My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountain"). The tune of Rebel Soldier incidently seems reminiscent of the tune "Boston Burglar" rather than "The Unreconstructed Rebel" which is an repentant song Confederate Song.

Somerville also has produced another CD "Pickin and Grinnin" with Jerry Moses. He is also working on a CD of American Civil War Songs, which if up to the standard of the other 2 should be well worth listening to.

My only connection with Alec Somerville is as someone who enjoyed his music enough at the Bluegrass Music Festival at the Ulster-American Folk Park at Omagh, Northern Ireland, in September 2003 to buy the 2 CDs which I have greatly enjoyed (and I am also trying to get him to perform at a local event).