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20-Nov-03 - 12:09 PM
Thread Name: New Folk Club 9in Hull)
Subject: RE: New Folk Club 9in Hull)
As someone who actually might want to know about the Hull club I don't want to be rude but do have to agree with the guest who complains about the use of these threads. Tt seems as if any thread with what john9 would call 'local' information is just getting ridiculous... I can't be bothered to read a load of drivel and private in jokes in search of a small amout of possibly interesting information. I used to wonder about Punch the Horse for example... maybe I'd get a chance to visit the area and see them someday., but their threads have definitely put me off!!

Maybe the Hull club is meeting tonight... if it's half as boring as these threads have become I won't bother... and won't miss much... and if anyone complains that I'm trying to 'spoil things for other people' can I point out that of the 18 previous posts regarding the November 20th club meeting no-one has actually said wether or not they will be there!