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Posted By: Banjer
21-Nov-03 - 05:40 AM
Thread Name: how do you pronounce Antietam?
Subject: RE: how do you pronounce Antietam?
So Banjer, you're saying that it's not who wins the battle that decides the name it ends up with, but who wins the war?

No, that is not what I said. I am saying that the winner of the battle doesn't necessarily choose a name, it is whatever they used as a name for the battle in their reports that usualy sticks.

Actually it is not that the winner gets to name the battle but more correctly that the battle is known by the victors name for it Here meaning the victor of that battle, not the overall victor of the war.

My next thought was that:

Later when the authors of the history texts compiled their information they would use the name that the winning side had given to the battle. Here also meaning the winning side of the battle, not the war

Sorry for the confusion!!