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Posted By: Jeri
24-Nov-03 - 08:49 AM
Thread Name: BS: my stroke anniversary
Subject: RE: BS: my stroke anniversary
After two years, things may not improve, but the reason may be that people (doctors and patients alike) just give up. I tend to believe that you don't stop regaining abilities (or learning new ones) until you stop trying. Progress might slow down, and you might quit or not go at the rehab with the same determination. As long as you DO keep trying, there's hope.

You also can try shifting from a head-on approach to a more sideways one. Is it important to play well, the same way you did before, or is it important just to play well? If you can't play the same instrument the same way, can you adapt the way you play or the instrument? You CAN change the world around you sometimes so it's easier to deal with. You can also change yourself so the world's easier to deal with. Whatever it takes.

It sounds like you've made amazing progress thus far. Hang onto whatever it was that got you this far. Frustration may take the place of physical difficulty as your biggest obstacle. You can beat that too.