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Posted By: Robin2
24-Nov-03 - 08:32 PM
Thread Name: BS: my stroke anniversary
Subject: RE: BS: my stroke anniversary
Thanks to everyone for their encouragement. I think I was just having one of those discouraging days yesterday. Alhough my stroke was caused by a blocked artery, my blood preaure is extremely high without my meds. Sooo, I think to lose weight, and that will help. Ive lost 65 pounds at this time, I go to the Doc for my checkup, and my BP has gone up instead of down! I'm now on more meds, and so the reason for me getting down.

Pip, I was heartened to hear about you husband's progress! When I was two days into the stroke, I was told by one doc some things were gone for good. I fired him. My pt said one year, and after that would be minimal improvement. That made one year kinda big in my mind. Now my buds at mudcat tell me I can continue to improve! And Jer, thanks for the tips, I'll certainly be trying some sideways thinking again.

Mary, I would love to see you again! PM me, and we'll give it a go sometime, OK?

Thanks to all. Mudcat sure is a special place.