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26-Nov-03 - 06:35 PM
Thread Name: who knows some anarchist folk songs?
Subject: RE: who knows some anarchist folk songs?
Of course there are as many definitions of anarchism as there are anarchists, but it seems that the bomb throwing stereotype has great currency even here on Mudcat. I think I might speak for many anarchists when I say that anarchism is predicated on the lack of coercive relationships, not so much the lack of rules. That definition would place the bomb-throwers in another category. And in fact, they are not believers in anarchism but in anarchy--there is a real difference there. They are not anarchists so much as nihilists. But I split hairs and drift threads. Sorry.

There are many quiet, peaceful sorts of anarchists--anarcho-pacifists, anarcho-communalists. I'm not as in touch with that part of the world as I once was, but Kropotkin comes to mind and perhaps Murray Bookchin would fall into that category.

A great anarchist song, according to my definition, is John Ball. It has the great anarchist line "...when we are ruled by the love of one another." Unfortunately, it has been pulled from the DT.