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Posted By: Ferrara
18-Aug-99 - 09:58 PM
Thread Name: Your most recent 10 songs
Subject: RE: Your most recent 10 songs
The last couple of times Bill let me go out for an evening, we went to folkie parties. Here's what I remember of what I sang, in no particular order:

The Vacant Chair (Civil War song) ... All the Cowhands wanta Marry Harriet -- (A Western swing song from the 40's); I didn't start it, but I was the only one there who knew all the words ... Run Come See, Jerusalem ... I Dream of Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair (Steven Foster) ... "Carly's Song," a friendship song by Carly Gewirz ... Children of the Heavenly Father, translation of a Scandinavian hymn ... Have been practicing The Night Visiting Song (trad), Sheath and Knife (Childe), Put on Your Old Grey Bonnet (pop song from the 20's), Beautiful Ohio (pop song from the 20's), John Peel, -- a real gemisch.

By the way, katlaughing, I was happy to see that you sang The Wayward Wind recently. Lisa Null and I sing it sometimes and I've been wanting to try it on the zither, believe it or not. - Rita F