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Posted By: Peg
01-Dec-03 - 02:25 PM
Thread Name: BS: Love, Actually...
Subject: RE: BS: Love, Actually...
I liked it all right. maybe a bit corny at times, and maybe a bit predictable and maybe a few too many storylines. But some wonderful acting!   Emma T, Alan R, Colin F, and Hugh G especially. I also loved the boy who played Liam N's son: what a face!

Some complex emotional moments, and some silly ones.

I think Hugh Grant has shown himself to be a very fine actor, dating all the way back to Maurice. he is inhabiting his aging but still handsome face with the sort of grace and charm not often seen in the beauty-conscious world of film. He has been in some silly movies, but that can be said of many, many actors whose work is also very fine (including some of those appearing in this movie).

re: prejudice against overweight women, I thought the girl who everyone said was "chubby" was probably about a size 7, maybe weighing all of 120 pounds...give me a break.